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Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Lions11 has got all rights to share info like statistical data with third-party advertisers to measure the site traffic and to understand our visitor intention. If applicable, we may share your personal information with the third-party team to detect and minimize the risks, service quality, legal measures to ensure security to all our services.

Whenever we are intended to use your personal information (like user name, email address) we will notify you with a priority. If you do not want to share your data, we will value your consent by withholding it, but exceptional for few conditions.

USE OF COOKIES uses cookies and other electronic tools to collect information and to improve our existing services. Like other official websites, a unique number is assigned to each user and they get stored in the web browser used by the user. These cookies help us to understand user requirements and also helps us to improve the existing website. The cookies we use are never intended to store any personal data of the user. Additionally, they are not subjected to scan, read, or retrieve any data on your PC or from the hard drive. Cookies are supposed to use only the user input on the website. These cookies will help us to capture better ideas with the help of website design, elements integration, and others as per individual interest.

Lions11 will not be in charge of the cookies used by the advertisers as they are nowhere associated with them.

As soon as any user visit, our web server will start to collect information like IP, network provider, and so on. Users' IP address doesn't store any personal information, with the help of that, we can track and address website traffic, or helps to improve our website operation, and to reveal geographic locations of lions11 visitor to the advertisers.


Lions11 servers are capable of storing the data and user information. Our servers are protected by a firewall and well equipped with modern security measures to ensure 100% high security and protection over the data we gathered. Though we use high secured platforms, there is a chance of security attacks by intruders. In that case, we are not aware of the actions. Lions11, on the other hand, doesn't guarantee any data shared over the internet, which are subjected to possible malicious attacks. Keeping this internet structure in mind, Lions11 will update all its users if there is any change or update done in the privacy policy. This information will be immediately shared with the users to maintain our transparency. There are promotions, blogs, emails, and more evolve on the Internet which may have our logo, pictures, website links, information, and so on. These practices are in trend to steal information or money you have in your wallet. Lions11 recommends not to visit or use such types of websites as we are not associated with any such kind of acts. And also, Lions11 is not responsible for any such falls on this kind of trap on the internet.


Our users need to inform us in case of any changes or updates in their personal information provided on Lions11. Any such changes can be done by logging into the profile page which is available on the portal.


You can contact us if you have any queries, information, complaints, o clarification regarding the policies, or any related information of For suggestion & feedback, you can write to us at:

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