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Our Terms and Conditions

The Lions11 users are supposed to follow certain Terms & Conditions when they use Lions11 app and website. The Lions11 app is not associated with any sort of private or government cricket leagues and tournaments until and unless stated by the organization. In addition to this, the Lions11 app doesn’t claim any official status with sports or sport persons. Lions11 is used as a single entity and this T&C is applied to website and Lions11 app on both android and iOS stores.

Platform Description

Game Hub Private Limited ("Lions11") is a technology company which aims to offer online fantasy sports league(s). Lions11 is created with a software and technology that enable the play as online games of skill on multiple technology platforms. By using this Platform, you acknowledge and agree to your participation in a game of skill. Lions11 is not responsible for any betting or gambling acts that take place outside the platforms. Lions11 may charge an entry fee to User’s participation in the Leagues. Such entry fees shall be inclusive to the prize money contribution, platform fee, and for the applicable GST.


Lions11 is subjected to the entitlement of terms and conditions, and the rules governing to the games/tournaments/contests from time to time. It is must for you to accept our terms and conditions in a mentioned time. If you fail to accept it within a time period, you'll be poked to accept before you use lions11. Lions11 may use any third-party links and it doesn’t guarantee or take control over the elements used on third part sites. Lions 11 also not responsible for any such interest you made on the third-party websites. All the damages, claims, and other liability issues are only applicable as per the third-party website terms and usage.


You can use Lions11 website without any prior registration. But to participate in lions11, you need to create an account by using any of the mentioned platforms on Create an account with lions11 to participate in the events. Follow the steps to complete the registration.

a) Providing true, accurate, correct and complete information in the applicable registration form.

b) It is must to maintain and update true, correct, and complete information details you made on the registration form.

You can choose your own username and password for account creation. Make sure to maintain the confidentiality of login details. lions11 do not take any responsibility over your login details. However, we can help to reset your information in case required as a security measure. Lions11 have right to cancel user account in case details do not match or when incomplete. In such cases, lions11 reserve the right to terminate, suspend, cancel, or block your access to lions11 website. You are only responsible for the activities that are carried through your account. In case of any unauthorized sign over your account and/or any breach of security, notify us via email at

If Lions11 charges you a platform fee (facilitation fee) in respect of any Lions11 services, you can expect refund without delay as a part of Lions11. It is hereby clarified that no refund is applicable if such suspension and/or termination is affected due to any breach or failure in accessing your account by someone.


The games available on is only applicable to the mentioned places in India. Every eligible Indian citizen should be 18 years or above to get registered into the The employees of SBN gaming Ltd, associations, and its subsidiaries are denied to be a part of lions11. It is important for every user to provide true, accurate details along with a valid email ID. Valid ID proof is required to confirm the age proof required for lions11 play. Therefore, it is important to give name, team name, email address, password, Gender, State, DOB, and etc.


All the materials on the Lions11 site like information, materials, functions, text, logos, designs, graphics, images, sounds, software, documents, products and services (collectively, the "Materials"), and the selection, arrangement and display thereof, are the copyrighted works of Lions11. Except few, none of the Materials can be modified, copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, sold, compiled, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, including but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or other means, without any intimation and permission notice to Lions11.

Lions11 is only can be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. By accepting to our terms and conditions, you enforced that you will not involve in unlawful activities. If you violate your responsibility, lions11 can take any action at its sole discretion.

All your postings and sharing on social network should be associated with us. If you are downloading any note or software from lions11, it is only subjected for the personal and non-commercial use only. You can keep track of records but you can share, sell, lease or rent any of our copyrighted and owned product to anyone as it is strictly prohibited.


Fair Play Policy

Lions11 use the fair policy when playing fantasy sport games online. This fair policy is to ensure the safety and secured environment while you play, earn, and create. All your actions are recorded in our database to track your actions regularly. In case we found any violation on our fair policy, we owe the right to take severe action against any suspected user or participants.

Prohibited Use

As per the given conditions, you cannot use Lions11 website for any unlawful activities. A list of prohibited cases is discussed below for your reference.

  • If found any criminal or tortious activity, child pornography, fraud activities, trafficking in obscene material, drug dealing, gambling, harassment, stalking, spamming, spimming, harmful virus transmission, copyright infringement, patent infringement, or theft of trade secrets.
  • Do not use cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any other unauthorized software on lions11
  • Not to use any software to gather user or server information
  • Causing a disruption on the network which are connecting to lions11
  • And any other misleading action either to the lions11 users or lions11 web/app is strictly prohibited.

If any Match gets cancelled/abandoned in middle of Lions11 play, lions11 will immediately take steps refund the entire pre-designated contribution amount back to User’s wallet with pre-designated platform fee as the match got cancelled/abandoned. In case of bad weather or any other mentioned circumstances, event can deduct minimum pre-designated platform fee because it is the fault of the lions11 platform.


The User’s/Participants of the Lions11 website are only subjected to the laws of the State where the User resides and he/she can access the Lions11 site enacted by the Republic of India. Residents of AP, Assam, Sikkim, Telangana, Nagaland and Odisha (Orissa) (“Excluded States”) are ineligible to open a User Account on the Lions11 site. Lions11 never make no representations or warranties, implicit or explicit, as to the User’s legal right to participate any such claiming affiliation with the User/Participants.


Lions11 site users are not advised to use it in the excluded regions. If they are using it so, they are completely responsible for the laws against it. They are only responsible for any such type of unlawful actions. In case you are in a permissible region for a short time, you can start using lions11 if that region owns the laws and bound to the terms and conditions mentioned.


The detailed shared to the lions11 users should maintain all their login details and materials safe. If they are sharing the resource to unknown person, lions11 have the right to cancel or terminate you from lions11 at any time without any notice. All the materials are supposed to be used only when you are in lions11 zone, once you're out of it, you are not supposed to use it at any cause. And in case, you are sharing your details to someone, you are solely responsible for the actions you made whereas lions11 never encourage or save from any type of unwanted activities.


To participate the contest, you must agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in In case of any legal activities found, lions 11 hold your prize amount, awards, and disqualify you from the contest at any time. Make sure to follow the fair game policy throughout the end of the lions11 online game. You'll be disqualified in case of the following:

a) Falsifying ones’ own personal information.

b) Colluding with any other Users

c) Violating terms and conditions

d) Accumulating points or prizes through unauthorized modes

e) Involving in spamming activities

f)  Abusing or trying to steal someone's data


Lions11 at its own discretion offers a fabulous online cricket and football gaming app in India. To participate and join a contest, users are requested to go through "how to play" to win more prizes. Make sure to note all the government laws, rules, and regulations before you begin your play on People from the excluded states cannot be a part of play. So, playing lions11 is only applicable as per the current laws. All the fee are regulated on the website and may vary depending upon the users involved in each section of the play.


In a fantasy cricket game, team consists of 11 members and the registered user can choose the real players to form a team. Later they need to pick the captain and vice-captain where they can earn 2x and 1.5x points as each stage passes by. Based on the team performance, scores can be updated on scoreboard to notify you the winning chance. All these can be tracked under "score board or points" section of the fantasy lions11 app.


All the scorecard points are generally updated after getting the sufficient information from the third-party websites. So, in case of any accuracies or incomplete data, you can write to us and we will take the steps to get it rectified at the earliest. If we cannot make changes to it, we are not responsible for these points as we need to get these points from the third part service provider. In that case, lions11 inform its users not to claim or raise any complaint in this respective manner.


TDS is only applicable when the winning amount exceeds 10000INR. For more details, you can check the same on lions11 withdrawal page.


Winners shall be decided based on the scores obtained in each contest. The User(s)/Participant(s) owning the Team(s) with the highest score in a match is declared as winners. In pre-specified Contests, Lions11 may declare more than one Winner and distribute prizes as per the scores obtained. Winners can be selected based on the circumstances of matches at that time.


Winners shall be contacted by Lions11 through the e-mail address provided at the time of registration. The verification process and Mandatory Information Documents is required to collect a prize.

These are the following mandatory documents:

a) PAN Card;

b) Government-issued residence proof; and

c) User payment settlement details


The user consent to use website before reading Our Detailed Privacy Policy (which shall be available at shall apply to all the entries to the Game and the Services on the Website.


All the resources mentioned or used in lions11 site own the intellectual property rights. Any copying or theft of data from us can lead to severe actions from us. None of the details like contact info, mail address, and anything couldn’t be copied or shared to anyone for money. In case of violations, we are dare to take quick actions which may go to any extent of the dialect. In case of any such violations you found, you can write and inform us about the same at


Lions11 website has some space of advertisements, promotions, surveys, and so on in association with the third-party websites. Clicking on any of these from lions11, doesn’t mean we guarantee their resources. We are just a platform for their advertisements. Any such actions or payments related to those third-party sites is up to your knowledge and lions11 is nowhere responsible for these types of actions you made on a website.


Lions11 officers, directors, employees, or agents can be liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive or any damages in the following:

  • Inaccuracy of content
  • Mistakes or errors
  • Property damage
  • Unauthorized access
  • Interruption or cessation of transmission
  • Any bugs or harmful virus, and so on.

You specifically need to acknowledge that Lions11 is not liable for any defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct of any third party and that the risk of any harm or damage.


You may face network disruptions, errors, disconnection at times or interference in communication in the Internet, software/hardware to avail our services. For any such network outage problems, lions11 are not responsible for any such activities. All the related network loses and connectivity problems are at your own risk measures. So, we are not responsible for any such of type of network related errors and coverage issues that interrupt you chat, video call, or any chat services in phone or tablets.


Indemnity is subjected under the following cases in form of losses, costs or debts, liabilities, and so on.

  • Access to the website
  • Violation over terms and conditions
  • Violation on copyright, trademark, property, and others
  • violating applicable laws, rules, regulations, orders, and ordinance.


Chargeback policy seems to work under the following conditions. Credit card charge back policy is related to the user's bank account under certain cases. To get the refund amount in your bank account, make sure to have the basic bank details correct and active. Chargeback policy may get delayed or denied with the following conditions:

  • If it is mistakenly filled by the user
  • Insisting other to pay may end in dispute fee
  • Stolen credit card;
  • An account is sold, shared, transferred and it is not released yet;
  • Technical problems while making payments
  • Fraudulent use of a credit card.

Procedure for User(s) recovering his/her account following Chargeback

1. It is must for the user(s) to verify his/her ownership of the account in case of chargeback. In that case, users are requested to create new account with the following details:

  • Name (as per government ID):
  • Last 4 digits on credit card:
  • Email Address:
  • Billing Address:

For additional details, you can contact us @


The Delhi court reserve the right to the jurisdiction of disputes arising from the lions11 services, contests, constructions, validity, and to the rights and obligations of the users.


If the parties are unable to resolve the disputes with 15 days, then arbitration person can be into the play to resolve it. All the proceedings can take place at Delhi under the conciliation Act, 1996. The language used in the arbitration proceedings is English.


The User, not limiting his/her statutory rights, expressly acknowledges and agrees to network issues, delays, and for other implied or expressed representations and warranties used.


If we have evidence of any breach activity against our lions11 Terms and Conditions, then we follow the below:

  • Permanent suspension and/or termination of your user account on lions11
  • Forfeit the amount left
  • Demand and order damages as per law;
  • Cause restriction to access our games
  • We bar you from playing or registering at Lions11 in the future.

The action taken by us will be solely under our Terms and Conditions. The actions may be wise and decisive depending upon the breach made by you on lions11


Lions11 members reserve the right to terminate or suspend any user accounts with or without any notice. After termination, in case we found your action on website, we will take sever actions and thus may incur to the actions on lions11.


Lions11 makes the best to endeavour and ensure that the platform (website/app) is error-free and completely safe and secure.

• The platform will never fail to meet Users’ requirements,
• The platform is error-free, secured and timely based platform
• The obtained results are more accurate and precise.


Neither party to these Terms and Conditions also applies to the labour disputes, governmental actions, war or threat of war, sabotage, civil unrest, demonstrations, fire, storm, flooding, explosion, earthquake, and other natural disasters. Sometimes, force majeure is also entitled to the suspension of lions11 services without any notice.


You should confirm that you’re above 18 years of age and are fully able to understand the terms, conditions, obligations, representations, warranties, mentioned in our website before your start to play on lions11 site.


These Terms and Conditions, and the rights and licenses granted hereunder, is not assigned by any individual, it is only assigned by Lions11 without restriction.


Lions11 reserve the right to update or modify the terms and conditions from time to time. Any changes made to our terms and conditions will be notified to our users either through primary mode of connection. And, we also expect you to accept our terms and conditions before you start to use our lions11 site.


There is no waiver for any terms and conditions mentioned in lions11 website. Lions11 do not constitute any waiver to waive such right or provision made on


There are not any provisions available to constitute a partnership between you and a lions11. As you intend to use lions11, you have the authority to bind this entity to our existing agreement.

Lions11 is the most thrilling and authentic online fantasy gaming platform in India that offers stunning online fantasy cricket and fantasy football gaming on an Android platform for sports fans. Join our fantasy sports platform, play cricket & football online, and win exciting rewards and cash prizes.